Welcome To Pal Engineers

Pal Engineers Group was being started back in 1980, by Shri vinodbhai bhimani whose dynamic, creative driving force was his vision and rich experience over 20 years in the field of .He was the man who was behind to get the first ladder in the global world of exports of refrigeration plants and machineries in the country in 1989.This products were excellent ,superb and tremendous quality and highly oriented.

He was the person who developed quality techniques of by tremendous research, development,testing,and quality,and afterall he got the success in the market by launching that products.It was the dynamic starting of the bright future for the company when Mr. Chetan Bhimani joined the company in as a Director and got the credit for increasing the products range with different varieties,requirements and tremendous quality. In 1998 the companies annual growth rate raised to 70%,and by this way their chart of progress started growing. With the successful participation of Mr. Chetan Bhimani and their professional team they started growing rapidly with their will and strength. At present the company has totally been focussed and stressed in developing global iternational as well as domestic markets by making tie-ups,collobrations and universal partnership which would focus them specifically in future.